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“Congratulations! We just had our core presentation and the response to the Looney Tunes packaging re-brand was overwhelmingly positive. The remarks were how clean, simple and eye catching as well as the variety of designs proposed. The mock ups looked great and totally completed the presentation. Thank you for all your time and effort.”
Teri Mazurek, Warner Bros. Consumer Products

“Thank you again for the amazing job on my presentation for Kmart. Working with you was a pleasure. I truly appreciate the caliber of work you provided, the professional level of the presentation, and the flexibility you showed in managing to work around my hectic schedule. Please pass my sincere thanks to your entire team. I look forward to working with you again.”
Nathan Laffin, MGM Consumer Products

“I wanted to thank you and your team for doing an excellent job on the Pink Panther store designs. You always go above and beyond our expectations, continually surprising us with amazing work. Once again, thank you for taking this project on with such little notice, and delivering it with such professionalism, creativity and beauty. It was fun working with you and look forward to the next project!”
Donnell Washburn, MGM Consumer Products

“I want to thank you for the superb job done on all the graphics and signage for the 1985 American Film Market. Your commitment, energy and creativity made working with you a joy; the results of your endeavors were a major contribution to the overall success of the AFM. The constant attention and indefatigable attitude were appreciated by all here and took a considerable work load and worry off our shoulders. We look forward to working with you again in the future. At Cannes?
Tim Kittleson, American Film Marketing Association

“I just received  a shipment of MAI Basic Fours’ Annual Report. I must say I was extremely impressed with the layout. Rarely do I get as many calls regarding the appearance of an annual report as I did with this. The following individuals spoke to me at length: Steve Harvey at E.F. Hutton, who found it clever, unique and easy to read, and Jon Van Realte of Fahnestock who said the annual was the most visually appealing annual he has ever seen,  Congratulations on winning first place Bronze Award from Financial World on a magnificent piece”
Kathleen M. McGrath, The Financial Relations Board

Rick, competency is hard to find, therefore you  will be sorely missed.”
Robert Pastel Jr., Mattel

“Rick, thank you for all your exceptional contributions to the Boys business unit.”
Matt Bousquette, Mattel

“Rick, it was great working with you, you really made a huge difference.”
Bob Nall, Mattel

“I am honored and privileged to have worked with a wonderful creative professional. May our paths cross again.”
Kirk Davis, Mattel

“Rick, NASCAR will never be the same without you! Thanks for all your hard work, good luck and say goodbye to the g-changes.”
Steve Labella, Hot Wheels

“What can I say, your work is always beautiful. Again, many thanks for your creativity and quick turnaround.”
Kristin Wohlleben / J. Addams & Partners

“Your work is nothing short of amazing!”
Laura Hansen / Smart TV Kids

”What a nice place the art department is. I always know that I can take something back there, explain what I want, and walk away knowing you will blow me away with your work. You never whine and you were willing to stay late or come in early to get the job done. You don’t just tell me what color or style or layout I “should” have, you teach me why I should have it.. So, my sincere thanks to you and your team on the Merle Norman pitch.”
Kelly Pino, Maritz Communications

“Rick de Lome masterminded the 3-dimensional elements such as the oh-so-impressive strategic thinking monolith which proved to be the foundation of the Hyundai presentation. Rick’s insistence on high production values brought an elegant, solid and impressive feeling to the set design. He sketched and priced everything several times before we could finally agree on concept. Congratulations, and thank you for all your efforts.”
Carol Phillips, Maritz Communications

“Rick is a reliable, trustworthy art director whose work is of a very high standard. His work reflects his acutely perceived needs of our clients and plays a significant role within the agency team. I would have no hesitation in recommending him or his work.”
Tony Male, Brunnings Advertising

“It has been my privilege to have Rick as a co-worker here at the studio. His willingness to achieve, his willingness to listen and his ability to produce swift and creative solutions to uncreative situations are part of his working style that will be sadly missed and difficult to replace. I know that he will continue to contribute 200% for his clients in solving their art problems cost effectively and pleasurably.”
Josh Tuffley, Hunt and Associates

“Congratulations on a job well done on the Hyundai Merchandising Graphic Standards. Thank you for all your contributions and efforts on this project. You are a pro... and the proof is in the product.”
Beth Talbert, Maritz Communications

“Just want to say thanks, Rick, for the great concepts on the Nissan set design. Everything looked wonderful on camera. You done it again, kid!”
Debra Tanaka, Nissan

“All of us at the Institute of Trichology wish to extend our thanks and commend you and your staff for the superb new look at the 42nd Annual Long Beach Hairdressers Guild Show. Your creative power gave us a new edge in promoting our exclusive image.”
Michael Babnik, TRI


AUG. 30 - American Honda Motor Co. Inc. President and CEO, Koichi Kondo, today presented the company's Premier Partner Award to 15 American Honda suppliers. The award is presented to companies that demonstrate excellence in quality, value and customer service. This year's award recipients were selected by American Honda associates, out of more than a thousand eligible companies. The Premier Partner Awards were established in 1998 to recognize suppliers who embrace American Honda's philosophy of exceeding customer expectations with responsible and flexible service.